Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oh my God - I just read one of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog and I came across a sentence where I have spelled BOOK as BUK. It wasn't even like the many typos I am prone to always make - I did it purposely.

I will call Mariyam up tomorrow. I have no right to be mean to her because she still talks like that. I did too at some point of time.

If it wasn't for the memories (even the horrible ones) I would delete this blog. I hate myself - I want to go back in the past and slap myself so hard that I never ever write again. This is of course to difficult to put into practice right now because I have to write a term paper - which is of course why I am here trying to read old blogs which are making me cringe.

This is so disgusting. You should only be allowed to hate one tense of yourself - hating your past and present tense selves both means that I will soon kill myself. The future cannot be good obviously.