Sunday, August 12, 2012

Questions .

What happened to us ? You and I were going to be amazing. Our sex wasn'nt supposed to be awkward - we were supposed to get along with each other's friends , we should have liked similar food . When did we fall apart ? When did our charming repartee turn into a disgruntled banter ? When did you and I stop listening to each other ? When did the stories we had about our lives get entangled so badly in the reality of our lives that we were both backed against the wall ? When was the first time that you purposely pushed me harder against the wall ? When was the first time I bit you too hard and you bled ? Where were we when we stopped realizing that we were both silent ? Where was it that you and I realized that we no longer felt at home ? Where will that place be where you and I will find peace ? Who was it that first called the others' bluff ? Who was the first one to give up ? Who was the last one to call the other ? I loved you. You loved me. The loving is causing all this pain.