Thursday, February 9, 2012

There should be rules, where you are concerned. I would love to break them all and make you see how silly they are . Rules to break, hearts to take, lives to make . So much productivity from shattering your world. So much fertility in destroying your belief system. So much work to do while I try to love you , and so much hating to deny while you love me. Love is unreal - not surreal. It is made from one person overpowering the other or two people compromising on everything.Or so it is as it happens to me. The power politics of bulldozing whatever you believed me to be, and creating you as I want you to be is worth only for writing stories. Love never gives me comfort - its constant action. So, when we sleep together it is still work for me. I am tired from all this loving. I can't do it anymore. The problem is -you don't love me the way I love you.I love your clothes, your hair ,your career, your poems,the songs you listen to, the pictures you like on facebook. I have to destroy all that is wrong with you to love you -while you want to talk me into being okay with what you are , you want me to love you less. So lets not love each other anymore -lets try atleast. Lets try to fall apart and still hold onto the frayed seams. For you and I love differently - but oh, the saddest thing is ,we both love so well. Your love and my love will only destroy you and me.You want to know WHO I talk to and I want to know HOW YOU TALK. You are about people and I am about technique - we are both holding onto the wrong ends of the right argument. You and I are always there - forever judging ,forever disapproving . Love is a dangerous concept which we both read differently - our loves are incompatible,but the tragedy is the fact that we are so compatible. So burn ,die and rot in hell -while I drown , break and fall to pieces ,for both of us are meant to end- dissatisfied and loved, but oh loved wrongly.