Thursday, January 26, 2012

And so I quit the police department And got myself a steady job And though she tried her best to help me She could steal but she could not rob
- The Beatles Sullen -faced , moody, grumpy she sits. She has hate in her mind but oh! so much love in her heart. She wants to give it all, hate and love to the world - and nobody wants any of it. Bit by Bit - she gets fuller, full of love and full of hate - nobody wanting any , all of it sitting in her . Her eyes go in , her body blowing up - she is going to burst. Nobody sees her , Nobody wants her. She is sitting alone - forever fertile, forever loving and hating. She does not FIT - in the world of mixed emotions who wants her purity, who wants her chastity. She is convulated now - blowing inside out. A bouyant figure , she floats above. No one holds onto her, No one puts her down. She will float , hitting stars and meteors. 'AND UP SHE GOES IN HER FLYING MACHINE, AND UP SHE GOES ....'