Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dark Side of The Moon

There is a time , which calls and beckons - through pictures , lyrics of a song , scenes from a movie , words scribbled at the bottom of a page , memories, nightmares , silences ! It grips me when I'm lonely , have run out of things to say and things to not do, when there is utter vulnerability and complete lack of excuses. In those moments - it is almost as if I get car sick. I am tired now. This is ridiculous. Sometimes it passes , and sometimes is does not. This inconstancy has forever been the pain of my life.I realized when i was much younger than im today that nothing in this life is going to give you that definitive, constant feeling - that lasts . Its all an ebb and flow. I want to run to the moon and tell him to stop. Emotional Tsunamis are painful . They give rise to tumoultous feelings which hurt.. for some time , before he makes them go away again. Today I Love - and Today I LOVE YOU. I know i wont tomorrow. "Its no use turning on your light babe the light i never knew, Its no use turning on your light babe Im on the dark side of the road Don't think twice, its allright .."- Bob Dylan