Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chick Flicks gone WRONG

Something Borrowed

I have just spent the last 2 hours of very very early morning (am an insomniac , or rather , i cant sleep at night , i sleep a lot in the afternoon) watching this movie. Gennifer Goodwin with her very unconventional screen presence had charmed me in He's Just Not That Into You (I liked that movie !! could have been edited and dialogue could have been better , but still loved it . ) hence, my girl

friends and I very excitedly waited for this movie.

It has been a real disappointment.Sure - the flashbacks to lawschool days are cute and interesting , but the entire debunking of all things sanctified is not only shocking but disturbing.

Kate Hudsun like Katherine Hiegle needs to seriously do something other than these romance movies - she is'nt even that good as Hiegle. Here she just appears to be an extraneous , obnoxious cast member and Krasanski is completely wasted.

Also the lead guy - Dex in the movie (too uninteresting for me to even want to know his name) is such an asshole ! I am so sick of men who mean well , but break your heart anyway - what the fuck is that about ? You cant even call them assholes, because well, they dont necessarily act like one .

This is a sad sad waste. I dont believe i actually sat through it . Where have innovative chick flicks gone ? Like Legally Blonde , Miss Congeniality even Easy A - for a genre which boasts of a huge viewing population , it sure seems dead end.

My advice, save this movie for a really really bad day. Unreal , unsophisticated and a total waste of your time.