Friday, April 29, 2011

New Lipstick

Versions of my absolutely brilliant new lipstick - and the second last crazy picture is the most brilliant picture ever !! makes me feel like i am getting experienced !! the jimi hendrix way !

i am awesomely happy !!


Sanjukta said...

OMG! am so jealous of your hair!!!
Wish mine would grow long too..someday. (ugh!)

On a sidenote, nice lipstick color + sexy lip pose ;) [or what-ever it's called]

Photogenic Devil said...


your sweet.
p.s. they used to be much longer - right now, they are just really curly - :))
and the lipstick is awesome !!! thank you !!
and i think , its a pout :|
though i am sure , i have'nt really gotten it right.

vikram said...

That second picture is awesome in so many ways, I can't find words to describe it :). Seems to convey so many moods at one go. Why don't you try your hand at acting or dramatics ?

Photogenic Devil said...

@vikram : haina ?? thats the one i meant about tting experienced the jimi hendrix way !!

im much flattered by the way. what are u doing at this blog and this particular post ?? i am happy though :)
p.s. I have been a drama queen as long as i can remember. and a part of dramatics as far as memory goes. dont really know how good i am though. Still thank you .

vikram said...

I'm afraid I got truck loads of free time on my hands, so I am killing it reading random stuff on the net. It would not be an exaggeration if I claimed that I have gone through more Indian blogs than a web crawler.;)
I found your writing innocent, frank in a feminine sort of way and yet refreshingly honest (for an Indian girl) like objectification of men, self deprecating humor (which, most girls I know are incapable of).

Photogenic Devil said...

@vikram : lol . so im random stuff, 'feminine', self deprecating and a radical feminist all at once.

I dont know wether to be happy or outraged. Im happy nevertheless, i once had a readers from

Whats the stab at indian girls ? Iv grown up with loads of them and they all seem pretty capable of man hate , insecurity and randomness .
anyway, if ur actually interested in reading what i write with some effort , u might want to check the blog i write more frequently -

Have fun :))