Friday, April 29, 2011

New Lipstick

Versions of my absolutely brilliant new lipstick - and the second last crazy picture is the most brilliant picture ever !! makes me feel like i am getting experienced !! the jimi hendrix way !

i am awesomely happy !!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


There are stereotypical associations of every gender with its gender-ness . Since I have'nt done anything fun for a long time , heres a list of twenty Manly men - atleast, these protytypes , for me, exude that very manly odour , that has me hyperventilating - (if it happens to be a good specimen at that) .

1.) Ninjas : Now , i know, you would find , a larger number of teenage or preteen boys obsessing over being ninjas, but honestly they are so cool. Coolest thing about a ninja ? Even a woman can be a ninja - completely sexy , and totally badass !!

2.) Airforce officer /Sailor/ Commandor : Yes, this is a different category, just like i want to make samurai a different category , but have to contend with keeping them under ninjas, even though samurais are a completely different level of hotness. But give me a guy in a uniform ,and i am totally his Debra Winger (as in An Officer and a Gentleman). There is something particularly sexy about these men .

3.) The Rockstar : and please , not the gay versions that have come up now. The real rockstars, who were dopers and totally badass - like Slash, half the time you can't even see his face, yet he is so awesome , with his hat, and his hair and his awesome blessed guitar. If they end up being bad ass like the Sex Pistols then you're just lucky. But even a Chris Martin , or someone completely on a differeny zone like Bryan Adams totally works for me .

4.) Priests : there is something so naughty, about saying - forgive me father , I have sinned. Love the GOD-LOVE. And most, are generally cute, as opposed to our Ponga pandits. Also, there is something immensely sexy about a guy with faith -this ones for you kashmiri guy from JNU, though you have us all convinced you're a Jihadi , I still , completely have the hots for you.

5.) Black men - there is something so attractive about their skin, and they are generally (atleast , the very very few that i have met , and seen on TV) tall with amazingly clear cut features. Also, they have nice hair. I like dreadlocks !

6.) Bartenders : not the ones we have in India , though - atleast not at the cheap student afforadable places , but there is something so amazing about all the mixing and counter manning that i have a thing for these guys.

7.) Writers and Poets : Men who write, or the studious type (still passably cute - as in , with nice spectacles, or even hippie looking) totally rule the roost. It is so sexy, when you want yourself to be intellectually stimulated , while all the time it is just you getting sexually stimulated.

8.) Theatre Artists : and no I do not mean actors in general - the mystical halo around the theatre, with their , associated khadi kurtas, or quirky behavior ,finds it way to warm the cockles of my heart.

9.) Playboys : for they are generally rich, cute and have their moves right. those three things make a long way to make a guy manly.

10.) Comic nerd: only , for i am one too . atleast, if liking batman counts.

11.) Hero-complexs : Yes, i want to be rescued sometimes, specially , if you have the shoulders your superhero archtypes have.

12.) Social rejects : there is something nice, about wasting your time and life on someone who is only going to drag you down.

13.) Strippers : hot bodies !! hot bodies !! hot bodies !!!

14.) Commitment phobes : those i like the best !! so easy to push out ,whenever you want to.

15.) Guys on harleys : its not for them, its for their good taste and their awesome bike.

16.) Loners : there is something nice about drawing them out

17.) Atheletes : Hot bodies !! and self control .

18.) Emotionally abusive men : nothing like a reality check for you . and you get to stomp on his face later.

19.) Arab Men : becaue they are touted to have the longest dicks. and i am curious about checking the fact out.

20.) Guys with straight noses and coloured eyes : maybe not very manly, but definitel very handsome.

I am very capable of coming up with more, but these will have to do for now.
I feel happy - i have just objectified men , but i have done it with a better spirit than they can ever objectify us. or so i want to tell myself - still , don't rain on my parade.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


you never stayed ... you never came , whenever i waited. I wanted to tell myself, it was'nt fair , it was'nt right that whenever I stayed awake , you refused to ring the bell. Whenever I was home , you never called, and when I wanted to speak , you always had a cold.

I am asking you today - why do you always leave just before i arrive ? Where do you go off when I am waiting for you ?

Why do we never meet - on diverging roads, intermingling , intersecting lives we lead - yet, like an ill-fated omen , i can never read you.

today also , i waited, i waited long after you had left. you never looked back, never lingered , never knowing that i would come. i am not going to come after this, i tell my computer, i tell the song i am listening to , while i wait - knowing , there is this never coagulating mystery of ours that will bring me back, waiting , staring , never meeting.

i think, you and i , were meant to disappear, into each others memories,of imperfect features, for its been so long since we had actually first met. it is all an idea now , it never really existed .

it is'nt you i wait for then, it is that something, that imperfect memory made perfect by the long wait, by the time i had on my hands to nuance it, to sketch it out , that i seek. and you are right - i will pass you on the street, looking for you , but i wont recognize you ,for it is not you i want to meet - it is me.