Sunday, December 12, 2010


he put a little letter and marked it with her name - and it did wonders for her blood circulation.
it made her so happy - that the entire concept of letters, which she forever treated with a great deal of comic levity , came back to her , and haunted her for her former disdain. it was not just a letter - it was a letter, marked for her, by him .- she reasoned, smiling - it was almost like everything inside her body became crescent shaped , such was the extent of that smile.

the letter - was him , and the letter was her - it featured in all their letters to each other - for it was letters and words that kept them together.
words they were good at - in this alien land, where spoken words meant everything, it was those many lettered words he had mastered - and she was blessed , by the intermediary knowledge that she posessed to be able to appreciate them. for they were so beautiful , so different in this world of noises and harsh pitches.

it all goes back to that letter - that he wrote and marked for her - that was where it started , where the written web was spun , and where they both were parked like the endpoints of a giant crescent shaped smile - a smile that extended from him to her :))))))

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


There was once a big red heart – full of bloody nerves , nerve endings and several sensations – it was a menacing being – it would beat , soulfully , menacingly , angrily , slowly , moodily – infact , it was quite the performer and had it been a little less mean, everybody inside would have enjoyed watching it.
It was the biggest bully of the playground – it would keep those damn veins and nerves continuously running to every part of the body , taking blood , bringing blood – bloody , bloody he was. Everyone was scared of the heart – for it could turn you blue and devoid of blood. It would , be the death of them all, if it was not appeased.
Then, the girl , told her brain – that she was in love – the brain , sent that scurrying message all over the girl’s body, and that was the start of the tingles – the heart, however , was not told about it – the heart, was not IN on the secret .
There were several places , externally in that girl’s body that would turn red and turn pale – alternatively, as the heart bullied the various sites within her body for information – they did not tell her – her heart was not in it.
Some days later – she fell out of love. Someone spilled inside her , about the love affair – the heart , being a matriarchal creative force realized that this would be an adequate excuse for uproar and chaos inside the girl – she pumped in and she pumped out , till all the tingles stopped , till all the sighing and moaning stopped – she got the brain to plant , several earthly appropriate lustful hot men as flashcards in the girl’s head --- she got the eyes to roll when they saw him (the one she loved that is ) , she got the tongue to say the meanest things it could – she got the arms to never return his warmth ….
And this is how it came to be known – you cannot be in love , if your heart was’nt in on the plan.
Ironically , much to the heart’s disgust – it came to be associated with love – forever and after ….and that was the beginning of the perennial heartache – one thing, the heart could’nt bully its way out of.

p.s. this is a typical , random 3 in the morning post. One must not pay heed to it. Its funny though , I am sure I will think differently tomorrow 