Wednesday, October 20, 2010

when in LSR

1.) you will be judged if you wear pyjamas to college everyday - of belonging to the hostel .

2.) you will judge the NSO girls of not have taken a bath in the morning.

3.) you will judge the surity of caffeine in keeping you awake in mrs puri's lectures

4.) you will seriously contemplate why all the teachers have made such a huge deal about the library.

5.) you will be nonplussed by the actual time the cafe dosa takes to cook - due to the varying times of its delivery at different times of the day.

6.) you will question your sexual orientation whenever you happen to see the dance soc girls at their stuff in the gazeboes/gazebos

7.) you are totally wondering where do all the teachers who smoke , smoke in the college premises ?

8.) you are mentally trying to calculate the profit the cafe wallahs and the nescafe people make by giving you toffees instead of change

9.) you can no longer identify who has how much money , for everybody believes in the power of sarojini and fake brands .

10.) you will consider letting the blackberry people know - that its not bb boys buy bb girls , on the sheer number of bb users in lady shri ram college

11.) you will always be confused whether you are a feminist or not , and what feminism really is.

12.) you will forever try to decipher WHO attends the assemblies !

13.) you are confused about the common room , and will always ask kaun sa wala , when called to the common room.

14.) you are totally questioning the size of the tute block whenever u have a class there

15.) you wonder why do people dress up to college , till you decide that you would rather sleep instead.

16.) you have no clue when half the things in college happen , and are living in happy denial of the number of hours uv completed in NSO , NSS AND NCC.

17.) october break is not an adequate holiday !

18.) you will realise you study much more than most colleges because youre college is weird.

19.) you will see the weirdest make up - and totally be in love with it.

20.) you do realise that there is a rangoli society which is probably the best society of your college

to be cont......