Monday, October 11, 2010

ten awkward (and most common) places to make out :|

now we all know that this is banal issue to discuss - so much of our expectation have been bullied into being wat they are because of movies and books - hardly anything is original except when the makeout is particularly bad - here are ten random things you (or weirdos like me) might just end up saying during a particularly bad make out .
(* i think i prepare for the worse , so the slightest performance may impress me - did i did or not tell you that romance is dead ? oh wait - that is something for me "serious" blogs :P)

1.) makeout during a movie : oh fuck ! did i really miss that last five minutes of the movie ?
caution : what with ticket prices increasing day by day i say makeout during a movie is a bad bad idea !!! although you cna have your little sexual (if u are allowed to call a makeout sexual) fun and not risk discovery by the rest of the world - still , it is not worth missing a 300 rupee worth movie. even if you are not the one who paid for it.

2.) makeout in an elevator : i think i am gonna throw up - huh ? i am claustrophobic you fool !!
caution : seriously , why do you even want to make out in an elevator ?? i mean - EW . romantic or not (which in itself is debatable) weird people's body order , health violations and cheap dim lighting and the fear of anyone walking in on you - i mean , think about it , an aunty with her sexless husband walks in on you - think about it !

3.) make out in the parking lot : now this is safe right ? you cna be live porn for some poor driver trying to jerk off !

4.) make out in the trial room of some shop : those attendants really cant work with "erect phalluses" now can they ? - also , other people come and spray the room with tiny particles of dead skin , body order and ofcourse , think of sumone having tried an underwear their - i mean cmon , really ?

5.) make out in a wedding : yea thats all you need to do - to inspire some match making yuppie feel excited that her work for the particular setting is not over yet .

6.) make out in your parents bedroom : for that is exactly (i mean , once u have a bed how dumb are u to not actually perform the actual act ?) how you were created. infact i am sure , ew - the violent images from this very disturbing act prohibit me to write anything further .

7.) making out in a friend's apartment : seen "A Single White Female ?" - no, then trust me , you do not want to rub your active sexual life in someones face who is not getting any.
p.s. also very apt for some horny guys to jerk off.
p.p.s. and , also , you can let things go here - and imagine how mad your friend would be if u did end up using the last condom .

8.) in your / or your boyfriend's car : bad choice - its uncomfortable , its desperate and ofcourse you can be caught by the police too (i know someone who has :|)

9.) making out in the fire escape : you might accidentally shut the door , i know a friend who did :P

10.) a vegetarian to a non vegetarian : now did you rinse your mouth properly ?? you know i do not like specs of digested meat in my mouth .

p.s are you wondering now wether to make out at all or not now ?? trust me , i know , for i am
p.p.s you are allowed to indulge if you are really horny/or passionate as the prudes call it - but do not make a habbit of it .

note to reader : i am working now on a much harder list - where can one safely make out ?



Bejin Hakumei said...

It's just an assumption but I guess you're really jobless.


Bejin Hakumei said...

It's just an assumption but I think you're really jobless.


aww - and u still read it ?